Fresh GSU graduates face punishment over “reckless” remarks in video

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai says some fresh General Service Unit (GSU) graduates are bound to punishment following the remarks they made after graduating.

GSU officers are seen and heard in a short video celebrating and making “unwarranted” comments.

“Tumemaliza. Si heti nini, sisi ni wale wabaya! Kazi yetu nini? Sisi ni wale wa pa pa pa (imitating gunshots),” the graduands said in the video.

Mutyambai has termed their remarks as reckless and irresponsible even after they went through rigorous value-based training modelled on democratic policing principles.

“An internal review is ongoing with a view of preferring appropriate measures regarding the incident. GSU is renown for its focused training aimed at producing highly disciplined and responsible officers,” says National Police Service (NPS) in a statement.

“We wish to clarify and assure the public that the behaviour portrayed in the clip is not acceptable and does not reflect the values of the GSU, KPS and the NPS.”

According to NPS, the graduates made the remarks despite having taken an oath of allegiance as part of their graduation which cements a testament to the sanctity of their duty to serve.

“The remarks as made in the clip are therefore regrettable and stand condemned.”

This happened right after President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the 48th pass-out of GSU officers at the National Police College Embakasi B Campus, Nairobi where 2,502 new officers were incorporated into the service.

The President urged the new officers to uphold the law and abide by the rules and regulations of the service while safeguarding the rights and freedoms of Kenyans.

“To serve successfully you must uphold the law, abide by all applicable rules and regulations, follow the orders of your superior officers and above all, commit to serving this nation with courage, integrity, discipline and honour.

“As custodians of public safety and our internal security, you are the watchers on the wall who safeguard our rights, freedoms and our way of life. You must live true to the oath you have taken and at all times, whether on duty or otherwise, be model officers whom others will emulate,” President Kenyatta said.

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