Four reasons why Luxury travel is heating up in 2023

Trends indicate that luxury tourism and travel around the world will see considerable growth from 2023 onwards. This as both local but predominantly international travellers with a sense of adventure look to explore new sights with the addition of added pampering, care and all the finishing.

Research shows that, globally, travellers are keen to spend more on trips than ever before due to a long period in which no travel was possible.

Trends indicate that middle-class travellers are increasingly interested in spending more money on travel as they carve out itineraries that lean towards ‘premium leisure’.

To unpack this phenomenon more, Shaun Wheeler of the newly opened Radisson Blu Mosi-Oa-Tunya, Livingstone Resort, Zambia, gives insight into why this type of travel is back in demand.

Long, luxurious stays

Entrepreneurs, executives and leaders at the top of their industries are increasingly opting for longer self-care holidays that include not only holistic attention to body, mind and spirit, but also  experiences that allow guests to dive deeper into a destination.

“Guests no longer want a quick in-and-out holiday. They want to stay for longer so they can truly enjoy their downtime in a destination,” notes Wheeler.

Complete disconnection

Life is busy enough and those opting for a luxury holiday want to feel as though they are far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Five-star experiences away from the crowds

As a result of the pandemic, travellers are considering options they haven’t looked at before – and tending towards remote destinations away from the madding crowds and destinations that they have all seen before.

It’s about doing something different

In a world where everyone has London and New York City on their ’must-see ‘ lists, there’s something to be said for those who venture to uncommon destinations. And luxury travellers know this. Being able to say that you’ve been to a top destination that is almost a best-kept secret makes travellers feel as though they are part of an exclusive club.

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