OPPO expands its A-series of smartphones in Kenya

OPPO has launched OPPO A77 smartphone in its vibrant Kenyan market. The affordable OPPO smartphone marks generational leaps in a multitude of areas for the A-series, each of which enhances the everyday user experience.

It has an advanced charging technology. 33W SUPERVOOC charges your phone in minutes, allowing you to leave for an appointment or pay your bills online without delay.

Users will no longer have to be worried about charging you phone at night when tired and craving a good rest. OPPO A77 AI night charge protection avoids overcharging issues smartly. With the anti-burnout protection, it schedules a segmented battery charging plan and allows you to sleep comfortably.

A pair of temperature sensors inside the phone manages the charging rate to avoid excessive heating of the battery from outside sources while charging. You can go to bed and rest while your phone charges and prepares for a new day with you.

The combination of 33W SUPERVOOC and 5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery on OPPO A77 will keep you calm when your phone’s battery runs low. It provides you with enough power to dominate a full-length movie in just 5 minutes of charging! With a 5% battery charge, you can stay connected to your loved one over 50 minutes straight. Take time to unwind while traveling a long distance. The 5000mAh battery provides enough power to use your favourite social media platforms for over 15 hours, and with power-saving mode, you won’t miss out on anything.

OPPO A77 has an Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker that will allow you to share your awesome playlist with your friends without strain! It has dual speakers and you can increase the volume by up to 200 percent to immerse yourself and your squad in music regardless of background noise such as in a busy gym, a crowded bus stop, or a fast-food restaurant. You can also enjoy the various movie streaming platforms on your phone with a cinematic sound experience. Dirac’s automatic audio optimization technology OPPO A77 ensures that harsh noise is suppressed and optimal stereo sound is provided for a better binge-watching experience.

With a few AI-powered adjustments, AI Portrait Retouching will provide the perfect amount of focus and blur to make apicture shine. The OPPO A77 will help easily take great photos without asking for help. 

The sleek featherweight design and side fingerprint unlock are ideal for one-handed use. It is available in two colours: starry black and sky blue. The captivating sparkle of the starry black and its luxurious finish will have you holding the beauty of the universe in your hand. The shimmering surfaces of the sky-blue phone change with each twist and turn, just like the great sky above on a perfect day. The elegance you seek is right here!

OPPO A77 is officially available in the market with the recommended retail price of Ksh.26,999.

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