10 people killed in SA xenophobic attacks

Ten people have been killed, two of them being foreigners in the wave of attacks that have been experienced in South Africa.

Through a press address, South African President Cyrill Ramaphosa confirmed the deaths on Thursday and urged South Africans to shun the attacks.

“Over the past few days our country has been deeply traumatized and troubled by acts of violence and criminality directed against foreign nationals and our own citizens,” Ramaphosa said in a televised address.

“People have lost their lives, families have been traumatized. We know that at least 10 people have been killed in the violence. Two of whom were foreign nationals.”

Shops in SA were looted and vandalized in xenophobic violence in the country this month, instigating retaliation by other African Countries.

Tanzania becomes the latest African country to take a stand against the attacks by suspending its flights to Johannesburg.

No Tanzanians are known to have been killed. The official death toll records that of the 10 people killed in the violence that began on September 1, only two were foreigners both Zimbabwean.

Some skepticism has been leveled at the company’s decision to suspend the flights, with critics suggesting what Air Tanzania really fears is losing yet more planes following South Africa’s decision last month to impound one of its aircraft.

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