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President William Ruto launched Hustler Fund on November 30, welcoming millions of Kenyans into a Ksh.50 billion kitty in its first

Family Bank Group has recorded a Ksh.3.7 billion Profit Before Tax for the full year ended December 31, 2022, a

Bill and Melinda Gates is expected to spend Ksh.7.9 billion ($60 million) to help drive the digital economy among African

Thrill-seekers and earnest crypto fans have spent the last few years watching the alternative investment rise and fall - sometimes

President William Ruto is in toured Germany for a Berlin Energy Transition DIablogue where he called on the European Union

Kenya Airways (KQ) profit loss more than doubled when it posted Ksh.38.26 billion in full-year results for 2022. The loss grew

By Kim Kariuki - Specialist, Banking and Financial Services – MSC Mandira Sharma - Assistant Manager,

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