OPPO introduces Reno7 5G series in Kenya

OPPO introduces Reno7 5G series with industry-first design

OPPO is introducing a new series of Reno 7 5G to redefine its footprint in the Kenyan technology space.

It has been categorised as slim, sleek with a mix of sunset orange and cosmic black twirl and turns on fast at the touch of a button.

Since the launch of its first mobile phone dubbed “smiley face” in 2008, OPPO has lived to tell its evolution of growth and innovation to encompass the industry-first design, performance, and experience along with offering state-of-the-art portrait photography and videography capabilities.

The Features

The Reno 7 Series unravels in a self-developed fiberglass leather design with a simple but effective spliced camera. It comes in thin and lightweight body features for portability purposes and other practical features to provide a new level of user-friendliness.

Adding to these unique features are the new fresh colours, that is, the sunset orange and cosmic black.

Sunset orange is such a captivating colour with the leather texture which is a combination of bright orange colour tone to make sunset orange a sophisticated choice in style.

The innovative technology has incorporated the use of the Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) manufacturing process on the exterior. This is unequivocally the first-time LDI has been applied to the exterior design of a mobile device and is also the first time that OPPO itself has used laser engraving technology to perform additional precision processing on top of the OPPO glow layer.

The processing has drawn in 1.2 million micro-rasters, where each raster has taken up a creation with a precision of just 20 microns. This level of quality accuracy imaginatively leads to the creation of a visual and textural illusion of shooting stars streaming across the device that shine and fade into the black galaxy as the phone is held in the hand; an indication of how accurate visual images can be realized.

In addition to this conceptualization, is the enhanced DSLR-like camera with a professional-level imaging system and unparalleled performance capabilities and other easy-to-navigate practical features that will turn everyone into a professional, allowing them to truly express themselves in a way they perceive themselves in their world.

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