Community Health Volunteers to get Ksh.3000 monthly stipend

Community Health Volunteers (CHV) in Nyandarua County are set to benefit from a Ksh.3000 monthly stipend.

Community Health Volunteers (CHV) in Nyandarua County will start receiving a monthly stipend of Ksh.3, 000 effective July 1, 2022.

According to Nyandarua County Governor Francis Kimemia, volunteers play an indispensable role in strengthening community and population-based healthcare making them a critical organ towards achievement of good health care.

He said they will be apportioned the allowance in an initiative aimed at improving the health sector in the County.

The Ksh.3000 token comes from Ksh.1.9 million the County received from the World Bank to help meet health care workers’ interests, promising that his administration will match the same.

This he said, will help them invest in ways to empower volunteers with tools, technologies, and skills that will enable them perform more advanced tasks, boost their motivation and increase their capacity to help bridge existing health gaps.

Kimemia also said the county was also planning to enroll the over 1000 CHVs in Saccos that will be benefiting from County allocations yearly

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