Parliament cuts vaccine plant budget by Ksh.500 million

MPs call for local debt restructuring to avoid future crisis

The Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) has reduced the money that was allocated to establish a vaccine plant and handle the pandemic by Ksh.500 million.

This comes after the health committee recommended the Treasury to make a reduction of Ksh.400 million from the original allocation of Ksh.900 million.

“Reduce Ksh.500 million (development) from the establishment of vaccine plant. The committee (Health) had reduced the same project by Sh400 million,” said the health committee on the supplementary budget I for the 2021/22 fiscal year report.

Kenyan government had in January called upon firms to bid for the establishment of the Kenya BioVax Institute (KBI), through a global tender.

KBI, a state-owned vaccine firm, was founded to produce local vaccines as a way of cushioning its citizens from any upcoming supply setbacks.

Establishment of the institute will help address the country’s vulnerability for future health crises as was seen at the start of the pandemic.

The tender was issued to Moderna, an American biotechnology firm that is to produce messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines.

Moderna is has pledged to invest Ksh.56.5 billion to set up a vaccine manufacturing plant in Nairobi to fascilitave distribution of the COVID dosses across Africa.

“Moderna’s investment in Kenya will help advance equitable global vaccine access and is emblematic of the structural developments that will enable Africa to become an engine of sustainable global growth.” Said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As of 2021, Moderna brought in a total amount of Ksh.2 billion and has also been issued clearance in over 70 countries.

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