Safaricom inks deal with Little, Makao for service access via M-Pesa super App

Safaricom inks deal with Little, Makao for M-Pesa super App

Safaricom  Plc has partnered with Little and Makao to enable clients to get access to services without necessarily downloading other Apps.

Clients will now be able to access Little and Makao through the M-Pesa super App under the Discover option.

“Makao seeks to provide our customers with an easy way to book accommodation holidays or experiences anywhere in Kenya.We are pleased to partner with Safaricom to launch the Makao M-Pesa Mini App, which presents our hosts with the opportunity to reach more than 30 million customers and holidaymakers with the convenience of easily paying with M-Pesa,” said Makao  Chief Executive Florence Cheruyoit.

Customers that use the little M-Pesa Mini App will get Ksh.300 of their first two rides for the next one month while those using the Makao M-Pesa Mini App receive 15 percent off on stays booked for the next one month as the first customers to book rentals in Mombasa are rewarded with free yacht rides as part of the launch.

The total number of Apps within M-Pesa Super App now stands at 25 with Apps like: SGR Mini App, M-Tiba Mini App, NSSF Mini App and GiftPesa Mini App for supermarkets and retail vouchers.

The telco is aiming at partnering with 100 more businesses and organizations in a bid to provide various products and services within the M-PESA Super App.

Safaricom has also been listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) with annual revenue of Ksh.250 billion as M-PESA acquires 82 percent from the adult population and 25 percent for the rest thus generating Ksh.82.65 billion

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