Toyota Kenya rebrands to CFAO

Toyota Kenya rebrands to CFAO

Toyota Kenya has rebranded to Cooperation for Africa and Overseas (CFAO) Motors Limited Kenya to enhance mobility solution provider through the multi-brand distribution of automobiles, motorbikes and equipment.

CFAO will be the unique vendor of Toyota vehicles.

The parent company of CFAO is Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC).

CFAO Motors Kenya Limited Managing Director, Arvinder Reel during a media briefing on March 15, 2022 said the firm will retain its Toyota brand which will be a trading name.

“Our core business is Toyota, we are the exclusive distributor, by retaining the Toyota business is that we shall the deal with TTC and we will be the exclusive distributor of Toyota vehicles, nothing changes as far as our offerings is concerned, its purely a rebranding and we will have four brands under our wings,” he said

“When we took in other brands under Toyota, it was difficult to communicate. There was a miscommunication when we dealt with other brands, it is better with non-specific brands,” he added.

Reel also said the rebranding will enhance its value chain through used cars and trade-in business under the ‘Automark’ brand.

“There is no distributor offering complete value chain, we will offer trade-in for our customers, we are training our staff on how to do valuation and assess used car vehicles,” he said.

Kenyans will be able to trade with a new automobile in their used autos to boost the sale of new vehicles.

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