Safaricom partners with Intelsat to increase subscription coverage

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Safaricom has partnered with Intelsat to expand LTE coverage in the country.

The multi-year pact with the international satellite service provider aimed at helping Safaricom revolutionize its network and expand LTE coverage to more subscribers across Kenya.

Intelsat will provide Safaricom with both cellular backhaul over satellite and enterprise connectivity services.

“This strategic partnership enables Safaricom to leverage our global hybrid network and expand its LTE coverage to remote areas and more subscribers in Kenya, helping them increase their revenue and provide an improved, more reliable experience to their customers, no matter where they are,” said Hans Geldenhuys, the Intelsat Director of Sales in Africa.

Geldenhuys added that the reach of the Intelsat network in Kenya and across the continent will offer growth opportunities as the giant telco seeks to expand its activities in other countries in the region.

The satellite provider says bringing such services to these challenging, hard-to-reach places supports the Kenyan national government’s vision for a technologically empowered population.

Furthermore, the global satellite provider explained its network delivers carrier-grade and resilient bandwidth wherever and whenever it is needed most, ensuring a seamless, reliable experience for businesses to operate optimally, while end users can stay in touch with family and friends, watch videos or access a full range of e-services such as banking, health care and education.

The availability of a Safaricom LTE service from a powerful global satellite network across the remote areas of Kenya will enhance a secure coverage of connectivity for the 68.9% of the Kenyan population in rural areas.

Intelsat aalso announced support for operators in Brazil, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Congo in connecting hard-to-reach areas.

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