Kenya fuel prices up Ksh.5 as Ukraine, Russia conflict take tall

Petrol price goes down by 3.7% to retail at 129.72

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has revised the pump prices March review, proving a continued high cost of living.

Fuel prices have risen for the first time since November last year with EPRA choosing to top up Ksh.5 on the previous pump price, increasing a litre of petrol to Ksh.134.72.

Motorists using Diesel will also pay Ksh.5 more to Ksh.115.60 per litre. This even as Kerosene users have been spared from the price hike.

The average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increased by 13.34 percent from Ksh.68,111.64 per cubic metre in January 2022 to Ksh.77,197.53 per cubic metre in February 2022;

Diesel increased by 11.74 percent from Ksh.69,181.04 per cubic metre to Ksh.77,301.39 per cubic metre.

Without the partial use of the subsidy, Kenyans would have paid an average of Ksh.155.11 per litre for petrol, Ksh.143.16 for diesel and Ksh.130.44 for kerosene.

The high cost of fuel is expected to increase the cost of living in an already struggling economy, likely to shake March inflation figures after the rates eased in February to 5.07 percent from 5.3 percent in January.

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