Kenya orient life assurance wins ‘pension marketing campaign of the year award

Kenya orient life assurance wins 'pension marketing campaign of the year award

Kenya Orient Life Assurance won the ‘Pension Marketing Campaign of the Year award for its successful social media marketing campaign on the individual pension plan, which was designed to increase the uptake of personal pension plans.

The awards, hosted by The Association of Pension Trustees and Administrators of Kenya (APTAK) in partnership with Brands and Beyond, awarded the life insurance provider in the marketing campaign category due to its highest level of innovation, performance, and services to customers on the individual pension plan over the past year.

While receiving the Award, Kenya Orient Life Assurance General Manager Jackson Muli said the firm’s mandate is to clarify pension products which are usually misinterpreted to mean that saving for retirement seems a long way away and waiting for the “right time” to start saving.

“The ‘Pension Marketing Campaign of the Year Award’ is timely as we continue to create awareness on the pension schemes so that the public can understand the significance of saving as early as possible in a bid to secure their future. People should invest in a plan that specifically matches their needs so that later on, it would help make a smooth transition from work to retirement,” said Muli.

Due to travel limitations imposed by the government to combat the spread of COVID-19, there was an over-reliance on digital channels for information and communication during the start of the epidemic. Kenya Orient Life Assurance used digital platforms to raise product awareness, react to client inquiries, and provide advice on how to be policyholders and make educated decisions. The brand’s visibility on individual pension products and other product offerings grew as a result of this.

“When you begin investing now, the more secure and safer your future will become. Starting early also has the advantage of having to make contributions towards the pension plan much less later on. The small sacrifice you make today will make a huge difference tomorrow as it brings a sense of security during your old age.”

APTAK President Hosea Kili commended Kenya Orient Assurance Life for winning the coveted award and setting the pace in being the best achievers to bring out desired changes in Africa’s pension industry.

“Congratulations to Kenya Orient Life. Your work in enhancing access to information on pension schemes is vital in encouraging people to take greater responsibility for their financial future,” said Kili.

The awards’ overall goal was to honor providers that deliver the best level of innovation, performance, and service to occupational pension schemes and their members – and who have done the most to improve this level of performance, service, and innovation in the previous year. The awards also aimed to motivate, recognize, and honor individuals and organizations who are making a difference in the industry.

About 17 million Kenyans, mainly in the informal sector, do not have any form of pension. This is attributed to insufficient public awareness about pension and a poor savings culture.

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