Bamburi increases cement price to sustain operation

Bamburi cement changes name in compliance with the Companies Act 2015

Bamburi Cement Plc has increased its product prices by between two and ten percent due to the high cost of input raw materials.

The move will see a change of prices of its Nguvu, Tembo and Fundi brands.

The price changes are expected to affect products from Mombasa, Limuru, Nairobi and Sagana depots.

According to Bamburi, the price hike is to enable the company to sustain its operations.

“The cost of input raw materials continues to increase disproportionately compared to what Bamburi Cement Plc can absorb and therefore we had to pass on part of the cost to the market. But rest assured that we are taking all possible measures to mitigate these adverse effects,” said the cement maker’s Regional Sales Manager Mt. Kenya and the eastern region.

Bamburi consumers were advised to contact territorial retail sales managers or check the Navendor application for actual product price changes.

Change in cememnt price is expected to affect building construction across the country.

Bamburi is the largest cement company in Kenya, boasting local prominence in the production of 2.1 million tonnes per year and a 32.6 percent control of the market.

The cement industry has been unaffected even amid the COVID19 economic downfall.

Cement prices have been declining over the years which contributed to the decreasing building construction cost in Kenya.

Late last year, the State Department of Housing and Urban Development disclosed data which stated that building costs had declined sharply between 2015 and 2021 due to the advancement in technology that has made work much easier.

Declining cement prices was also been attributed to the higher production of the product than its consumption.

Data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics showed that cement consumption in the country stood at 7.5 million tonnes from january to October 2021 compared to the production of 7.6 million tonnes in 2020.

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