President Kenyatta calls for removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe

President Kenyatta calls for removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the International Community terming them as the source of economic crackdown in Zimbabwe.

While speaking at State House where he hosted Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the president insisted that Kenya would support Zimbabwe.

“We have continued to emphasize our strong determination to continue with our strong determination to continue with support of Zimbabwe against the illegal sanctions imposed on that country and continue to cause undue problems, issues and trouble and this we consider to be unfair, “ said President Kenyatta.

On the other hand, Zimbabwe President Mr. Mnangagwa thanked the president for his support and called for the removal of the sanctions.

“I thank Kenya for the support of solidarity for Zimbabwe in the call for the unconditional removal of unilateral sanctions that were imposed on Zimbabwe by some western countries,” stated Mr. Mnangagwa.

The Zimbabwe President further lauded President Kenyatta for recognizing the Shona Community a Bantu ethnic group native in Zimbabwe who were granted Kenyan Citizenship in 2021, as the two countries signed seven MOUs thus deepening their diplomatic and economic cooperation.

The seven MOUs consist of; Political and diplomatic consultations-operation in the Field of Tourism and Wildlife Conservation-operation in the Field of Civil Aircraft Accidents and Serious Incidents Investigations, Co-operation in the promotion of Women Empowerment and community Development, Co-operation in the Field of Youth Affairs, Promotion of Cooperatives and Cooperation in the sport field and Recreation.

“This meeting is a positive development which shows that our relations are going in the right direction. It is through the implementation of our MOUs which have been articulated by my brother (Uhuru Kenyatta) that our economies will be transformed for higher standards of living for our people,” state President Mnangagwa.

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