Help save my company! Keroche boss Karanja appeals to Uhuru as KRA shuts brewer

Over 200 Keroche employees to lose job over Ksh.332 million tax arrears

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has shut down Keroche breweries over Ksh.332 million tax arrears.

This is likely to leave over 250 employees jobless, said Keroche Breweries Chief Executive Officer Tabitha Karanya.

“…unfortunately if nothing is done in the next seven days, we will be forced to drain down all the beer and lay down over 250 direct employees and thousands within our nationwide distribution network,” said Karanja.

Karanja is now calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene saying efforts to hold talks with KRA Commissioner General have proved fertile.

“We are sure that this issue can be sorted amicably as we are ready to pay the required taxes if KRA opens up our brewery,” said Karanja.

“However, in December 2021, KRA closed the factory and further issued agency notices to 36 banks and we could not produce or access any finances to assist in settling the arrears,” Revealed Karanja.

Further, the Keroche Boss said that KRA shut down the factory with over two million liters of beer worth Ksh.512 million still in tanks.

In the appeal, she requested the president to allow the reopening of the factory for a win-win situation to both the company and KRA.

“Keroche is capable of remitting over Ksh.21 billion every year in taxes and positive consideration of this appeal will be a win for both the company and KRA.”

Karanja also expressed her interest in the Nakuru County senatorial seat and challenged Parliament to formulate laws that would protect local enterprises.

“The laws should mandate the CS Treasury to give waivers or moratoriums to investors during such difficult times brought about by a global pandemic.”

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