Details reveal amount DP Ruto, Mudavadi will spend on US trip

Details reveals amount DP Ruto, Mudavadi will spend on US trip

Deputy President William Ruto together with Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi, Governors Ann Waiguru, Salim Mvurya and Joseph Nanok arrived in the United States Monday after they were cleared by the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs.

Details have since emerged about how much the DP and his entourage will spend on the US trip until they return to Kenya.

They are meant to spend a whooping Ksh.107 million considering it was not official government business.

Officials onboard are entitled to Ksh.82,398 per day as their pocket allowance while other officials are entitled to Ksh.59,977. This is according to an account on the trip conducted by the Nation.

Air tickets for the United States, United Kingdom and Qatar costs Ksh.9.7 million for the one-way flight from Nairobi to Washington if they use business class tickets that cost Ksh.313,323 each.

The delegation will spend Ksh.8.28 million on accommodation and Ksh.30 million on air tickets from Washington to London as of March 5 and 8, 2022. They will spend Ksh.4.3 million on accommodation for the UK tour and Ksh.96,510, Ksh.65,782 allowance respectively adding up to Ksh.10 million.

Then the delegation will head to Qatar where they will spend Ksh.6.7 million including Ksh.4.4 million on accommodation.

This comes after the Dp’s allocation was slashed in 2021 through the draft Budget Policy Statement (BPS) to Ksh.1,402,500,000 from Ksh.1,437,800,000.

On Wednesday the DP attended a conversation about politics, prose and peace at the Karson Institute for Race, Peace and Social Justice, Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

“An economy can grow, be healthy and stable if we involve all the people, especially the majority who are at the bottom of the wealth pyramid,” said DP on his Twitter page.

On his second day tour in the US, the DP met agricutlre stakeholders where he rooted for Kenyan farmers to enhance their productivity through the use of technology to boost their income.

“Innovation, the adoption of modern technology and the latest scientific research can radically improve our agricultural sector, guarantee food security and alleviate hunger.”

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