How M-Pesa Foundation, Kwale County front is transforming food security in Kwale

How M-Pesa Foundation, Kwale County front are transforming food security in Kwale

The partnership between the County Government of Kwale and the M-Pesa Foundation has enhanced food security in parts of Kwale County.

In 2014, the County Government and M-Pesa Foundation, jointly initiated the Kinango Integrated Food Security and Livelihood Project in Kinango Sub-county, targeting farming communities.

The agribusiness project involved the rehabilitation of the Nyalani Dam in Puma Ward in one of the driest parts of Kwale, training of farmers, supply of farm inputs, and the formation of farmers’ cooperatives.

Apart from Nyalani Dam the County Government has also done Mwakalanga Dam in Mwereni Ward, Lunga Lunga Sub-county, Kizingo Dam in MacKinnon Ward Kinango Sub County, which can irrigate more than 100 acres of land.

They are part of the county’s projects with a longer Network Address Translation (NAT) term strategy in mitigating the impacts of drought by investing in agricultural and livelihood practices that contribute to better adaptation to the effects of climate change and strengthen livelihood options, increase level of income and overall increased resilience to drought.

Since its interception, the Ksh.232 million food security project in Nyalani has impacted at least 2,500 people directly and over 10,000 others indirectly.

The project aims to improve food security and smallholder livelihoods, through the widespread adoption of appropriate locally adapted agribusiness practices.

The project has converted over 105 acres of arid and semi-arid land into an agricultural hub, thus providing a source of livelihood to the community.

Besides, the program has increased food security through increased access to safe water, agriculture support, health, and nutrition awareness as economic stimulus through the formation of agriculture cooperatives and linkages to markets.

Addressing the press during a stakeholder’s meeting between County Government and M-Pesa Foundation in Kwale County Headquarters, area Governor Salim Mvurya said his Administration will continue working with partners to transform the agricultural sector.

Mvurya added that the agribusiness project continues to address complex issues such as food and nutrition security in the region.

‘‘We are very happy with what M-Pesa Foundation is doing in this county and by now, many people in Kinango have been impacted positively by this project. The County Government shall offer support to this organization so that we can completely end the problem of food shortage in the County,’’Mvurya said.

The County Boss noted that  the County will continue venturing into building the capacity of the Nyalani Cooperatives and linking them to markets.

In addition, M-Pesa Foundation’s Executive Director and Head of Sustainable Business and Social Impact, Karen Basiye said the project has progressed well and assured the residents that the charitable trust will extend similar projects to other semi-arid areas in the County.

“The progress of this project gives us hope and we shall remain committed to ensure that the livelihood of the people is improved,” said Basiye.

Karen Basiye, said the project has progressed well and assured the residents that the charitable trust will extend similar projects to other semi-arid areas in the County.

The humanitarian organization is undertaking a mitigation program targeting 1,000 households affected by drought in Kwale, where each household will receive a monthly Sh 5, 467 to cushion them from the effects of the ongoing drought.

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