Kenya reveals date to start using flying cars

Kenya reveals date to start using flying cars

Kenya is in the race to match with most developed countries around the world with technology being key infrastructural development agenda.

This has already seen Kenya airways, under its new subsidiary Fahari Aviation, set the stage to experiment with electric cars that fly and land vertically to counter traffic.

This will be effected from 2025

This will be implemented by the use of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, which are a new type of aircraft that employs electricity to hover, take off, and land vertically without using a runway

Electric airplanes are gaining ground as a reasonable solution for navigating congested urban areas, attracting major airlines in the quest for new revenue sources.

The airline’s CEO, Allan Kilavuka  said that  testing will begin in 2025 as part of the company’s plan to incorporate new technologies as a growth strategy.

We are working on a future, 2025 onwards to see how we can support urban mobility,” said Kilavuka.

Eve urban air mobility solutions, , has signed contracts with 17 firms for 1,735 orders Ksh.568 billion as of January 2022. Through fahari aviation, eve has also struck a partnership with Kenya airways to create operational solutions for urban air mobility. 

Kenya Airways launched the Fahari subsidiary with the goal to generate new revenue by offering training courses for people interested in using drones for surveillance and agricultural use

Many of these aircraft designs are being mobilized for urban taxi services, parcel delivery, medical support, and recreation.

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