Property developers urged to adopt green building technology to narrow energy demand

Developers urged adopt green building technology to narrow energy demand

Stakeholders in the construction sector are calling on property developers to adopt green building technology in order to cut energy demand through its greater power efficiency in running and maintaining operations in the facilities.

The technology which has become the latest trend in the construction industry has been described as far-reaching and comprehensive, offering significant advantages when used in new properties as well as existing structures.

Addressing the media after a consultative forum organized by the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Nairobi on Wednesday, Patience Mulondo of the Architectural Association of Kenya urged the industry players to sensitize their clients on the importance of green building to realize its achievements.

“If we are able to get passed the education then we would start to see significant uptake of all these technologies. We are trying to come away from using resources that are depleting and coming up with solutions that allow us to use materials and resources that can be renewed,” said Mulondo.

Mulondo who also doubles up as a director at Amazon consultants encouraged best practices in the construction industry so that the profession impacts the environment positively.

This will create buildings that have minimum to zero negative effects on the environment.

On his part, KNCCI Chairman Julius Opio assured the investors of their continued commitment in  encouraging financial institutions to offer loans at a discount  to property developers interested in green projects.

“When it comes to solar renewable there is a very big challenge between capex and opex expenditure. So when doing your developments when putting up your houses you need to have a price point  that is competitive  and one area of quality is looking at green energy contribution in the construction sector.”

Opio added, “Green energy is environmentally friendly which is the way to go and you save.”

Renewable energy currently accounts for 73 percent  of Kenya’s installed power generation capacity while 90 percent of electricity in use is from green sources among them geothermal, wind, solar and hydro-electric installations.

The forum brought together a coalition of professions including architects, financiers and Real Estate developers among others in creating sustainable solutions in the construction sector.

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