Kenya, China commerce chamber to open offices in Shangai, Gungzhou

China commerce chamber to open offices in Shangai, Gungzhou

Kenya China Chamber of Commerce has announced plans to open additional offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Speaking during Nairobi – China Trade and Investment Forum on Thursday, China’s Chamber of Commerce Chairman Tom Chen said the move will help to solve challenges faced by businesses in importation and exportation of goods.

“We plan to open two more offices in China at Guangzhou and Shanghai. These offices will help solve challenges that business people are facing in promoting goods and other restrictions.” Mr.Chen said.

The chamber launched in 2021 cited covid-19 to have been a major challenge in exportation and importation of goods in large quantities at least for the past two year.

“For the last two years many of our businessmen have not been able to export and import in large quantities because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

This has led to the delays of exports and imports widening the trade imbalance between Kenya and China.” he added.

With China ranked as leading importer of tea totaling 187.3 million dollars, Mr. Chen has confirmed that the chamber’s major focus will be on agricultural products such as coffee and tea.

“For tea as a chamber, we are actually looking to take into lease two  ways. First the specialty tea property, it’s only found in Kenya, it has received high demand in Kenya.” Capturing just a small percentage of this will bring huge benefits for Kenyan companies.”

Apart from tea, China’s coffee consumption expanded by an average revenue of 16 percent .

Kenya has a significant advantage in coffee and tea production.

On his part, Kenya National Chambers of Commerce Chairman Julius Opio lauded the partnership calling on Kenyans to utilize the opportunity to promote and accelerate trade between China and Nairobi.

This aims to strike a balance between the two countries.

“One of the best ways to approach this is to create a platform like this one that will enhance opportunities for Kenyan and Chinese companies with an aim of bringing Kenyan industries and businesses to the Chinese market.”

The forum organized by the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce among other partners aims to create relationships in areas such as technology investments, ICT and agribusiness to  investments in China and other parts of the world.

A recent report released by FSD Kenya 2021, indicates that Kenya was a net importer from China with imports and exports reaching 3.6 billion US dollars 150 million dollars respectively.

Among other benefits following the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Kenya and China during the Chinese Foreign Minister visit to Kenya Mr. Wang Yi will be introducing Kenya business communities to the right local partners in China and the introduction of remote exchange.

This aims to attract more people to join the  Kenya China Chamber Commerce and to strengthen the business relationship.

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