Drama as Wanjigi supporters storm his residence after officers’ raid [Photos]

Drama as Wanjigi supporters storm his residence after officers raid

Presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi is once again on the wrong side of government after police officers raided his Kwacha resident on Monday night.

The incident saw his supporters storm and camp outside the gates as officers gazed on Tuesday morning.

His home was raised a half past 9 pm Monday with Wanjigi saying the raid could be in line with what he said over the weekend.

“I tend to think it has to do with what I said in the weekend where I was very clear about some personalities and it seems I was making some of my friends uncomfortably because one will wonder why they would this sort of force when I have not committed any crime,” he said.

On January 15, the businessman attended Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s event at his Yatta farm, where he described ODM leader Raila Odinga as a dictator, and asked the Kamba region to support the former Vice President.

“The person who has united the Kamba community is Kalonzo and he hasn’t said that he is retiring from politics. Support him and get rid of those who want to divide you,” said Wanjig.

Wanjigi stated that the raid was orchestrated to see him silenced politically.

“Let them just come out and say it. Uhuru Kenyatta just come out and say it. And to imagine that my friend Raila… Raila Amolo Odinga whom I was almost lost my life for, is sitting with him (Uhuru) somewhere probably enjoying this spectacle is the saddest thing of all,” said Wanjigi.

This even as he said that he will not be cowed by the raids and attacks to drop his presidential bid.

“They tried this in 2017 and they failed… It is the same type of game where they are trying to intimidate me. Some people are uncomfortable with my politics or with the way I speak… I speak nothing but the truth and I don’t think there is anything wrong with speaking the truth,” he added.

Wanjigi has expressed interest to run for president in this year’s general election on ODM ticket.

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