Qwetu management issues a two-week safety drill advisory

Qwetu management issues a two-week safety drill advisory

The management of Qwetu Student Residences will be staging safety drills over the next two weeks starting January 17, to January 26, 2022 across all its residences.

During the drills, there will be various simulation exercises including fire and first aid safety simulations which will be supported by the National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU), AAR, Nairobi Fire Brigade and the National Police Service.

The following is the schedule of drills across the various residences:

Qwetu Jogoo Road on 18th January 2022 at 9:00 am

Qwetu Ruaraka on January 2022 at 9:00am                 

Qwetu Parklands on 20th January 2022 at 9:00 am

Qwetu Wilson View on 25th January 2022 at 9:00 am

Qwetu Aberdare Heights (USIU Road) 26th January 2022 9:00 am

This, according to Qwetu management, is part of its commitment to ensure that all its properties meet the highest safety standards.

“Students residing in the hostels have been advised to remain calm during the drills and to follow instructions as issued by the various personnel on the ground,” said Qwetu in a statement.

Qwetu Student Residences is home to over 3,800 students from over 59 different nationalities and

has ongoing partnerships with over 7 universities in the country.

Currently, it has student residential apartments in Ruaraka, Parklands, Mbagathi Way, Hurlingham, near USIU, and along Jogoo Road.

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