Linda Kiome replaces Nelson Havi as LSK President

Linda Kiome replaces Nelson Havi as LSK President

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) appointed Linda Kiome to replace Nelson Havi as its President for the remaining tenure.

Havi’s term was supposed to end in March this year, as Kiome checks in to step up responsibilities of the caucus.

Havi’s exit comes against the backdrop of his bid to venture into politics, where he will be vying as a Member of Parliament for Westlands.

“In our meeting today, we received confirmation from the LSK Secretariat that the Council has been unable to convene a meeting in compliance with the directions given by the court. In default thereof and pursuant to the said decision, the Branch Chairs Caucus has with effect from the 11th January 2022 taken charge of the role of the Council for the remainder of the term of the Council” the caucus chair Mathew Nyabena explained.

“The Branch Chairs Caucus also took into consideration the decision by Justice Mrima that once the Caucus takes over the role of the Council none of the current of the Council including the Secretary shall in any manner whatsoever deal with any of the affairs of the Law Society of Kenya in their respective capacities as members of the Council and or Secretary as the case may be,” the caucus added.

He said he will issue an official statement on Thursday, January 13.

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