17 killed in drone strike in Ethiopia’s Tigray

17 killed in drone strike in Ethiopia’s Tigray

Seventeen civilians have been killed in a drone strike in a town in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region, aid workers told AFP on Tuesday.

“Monday the strike at Mai Tsebri occurred in the afternoon and killed 17 civilians working at the flour mill,” said one of the humanitarian workers, citing witness accounts.

The attack came only a few days after dozens of people were reported killed and many injured in a drone strike on a camp in northwestern Tigray for people displaced by Ethiopia’s brutal 14-month conflict.

The aid worker said dozens of people were injured and 16 donkeys killed in Monday’s strike in Mai Tsebri, also in northwestern Tigray.

“A witness told me that the drones came and hovered a bit before dropping bombs. Then people panicked but after some minutes everyone heard huge shouting and they went to the scene to see that women and donkeys died.”

The aid workers also said the attack on the displaced persons camp in Dedebit late Friday had killed 59 people, with one reporting 138 wounded.

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