Safaricom at centre of Atwoli’s threat to reveal phone records of “Luhya traitors”

Safaricom at centre of Atwoli’s threat to reveal phone records of “Luhya traitors”

In what appears to be an escalated division in Murembe nation, the Bukhungu 2 event scheduled for December 31 has caused jitters between Raila Odinga supporters and Deputy President William Ruto’s.

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has asked Safaricom to explain if Kenyans’ phone records are safe after COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli, the man behind Bukhungu even threatened that he will disclose Luhya leaders phone records who have begged handouts from Ruto in order to disrupt the event.

In his defence, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina challenged Nasir to confirm if Atwoli mentioned Safaricom in his speech.

This, pitting Safaricom against the public over phone record safety.

According to Nasir, Atwoli’s move would be contravening constitutional requirements to secure and safeguard Kenyan phone records.

“Mzee Atwoli says Safaricom  has given him unhindered access to intercept private communication in breach of Article 31 of the Constitution,” said Lawyer Nasir.

He also added by posing a question “Can Safaricom confirm that our telephone lines are secure. Can the Communication Authority of Kenya  tell KENYANS “In whose hands are our telephones safe?”

Ole kina in defence of Atwoli, challenged the lawyer to confirm if he mentioned Safaricom in his remarks.

“Now Abti where did Mzee Atwoli name Safaricom? Kenyan politics players and cheerleaders have enrolled in the school of slandering!!! The award ceremony will be announced soon and the nominees are?” said the Senator.

The Lawyer did not hesitate to fire back at Ole Kina downplaying his remarks but rather proceeded to defend his point.

“First, learn the difference between slander & defamation. Second, Atwoli expressly states that he has the telephone conversations of many Luhya politicians talking to other Kenyans.

“Third, 90% of Kenyans have Safaricom lines. Four, last time I checked Atwoli wasn’t domiciled in Narok,” he responded. Bukhungu 2 event is currently at centre of Kenya’s political sphere during this festive eve.

Bukhungu 2 event is currently at the centre of Kenya’s political sphere during this festive eve.

The convention at Bukhungu Stadium by Atwoli would see ODM party leader Odinga fronted as the most preferred Luhya candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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