Kakamega High students to stay home for 10 days pending court ruling

Kakamega Sec. students to pay Ksh9,000 each for burning school

Kakamega High School students will stay home for ten more days before reopening the school as their parents sort out a Ksh.9,823 penalty the school management slapped students with for torching school infrastructures.

The parents moved to court for the penalty which according to the school management, every student would be required to pay the amount as a prerequisite for returning to school.

The High Court judge, Justice William Musyoka set December 10,20221 as the date when he will determine whether or not the parents of Kakamega High School will pay the Ksh21 million to fund the rebuilding of the dormitories burnt at the school.

Should he turn down the parents’ plea, some 2,200 students will be forced to pay Ksh.9,823 each before being allowed back to school.

The school was shut down on November 6 after a fire broke out, burning down two dormitories.

According to the school management, the damage cost for torching school infrastructure amounts to Ksh.12.1 million.

The cost of double-decker beds has been valued at Ksh.4.1 million; CCTV installation at Ksh.695,000 and the cost of damaged items for 560 students at Ksh.4.5 million.

Form Four students were expected to report on November 15, followed by Form Threes on November 25, Form Twos on November 23 and Form Ones on November 21, 2021.

The total cost of the damages is estimated to be Ksh21 million.

Oscar Munyendo a lawyer who represented the parents discredited the damage assessment report filed before the court by the school terming it strange.

He said that sections of the report contain quotations for electrical wiring in a building at Sigalagala polytechnic.

“Article 53(1)(b) of the constitution states that every child has a right to free and compulsory basic education. Therefore, demanding that each child pays Sh9,823 is contrary to the article mentioned,” said Munyendo.

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