US-based Meta company to sue Facebook over copyright claims

US based company to sue Facebook over copyright claims

US-based tech company META has alleged that  Facebook stole its name and livelihood after the social media giant company announced that it is rebranding its parent name to Meta.

Meta company founder Nate Skulic said  that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to bury the company by force of media.

He claims that Facebook decided to commit trademark infringement by calling themselves META.

The company, has in return, decided to file  the necessary legal actions against Facebook.

They are accusing Facebook and it’s operating officers for being deceitful and acting in a bad faith not only to them but to humanity.

The company, Meta, has refused Facebook’s offer on multiple bases claiming the low offer wouldn’t cost changing a name, they instead insisted on knowing their intent which they did not want to disclose.

Until now the company aims to be distinguished from Facebook’s totalitarian view of the future and hope that  their negative association with Facebook and it’s founder will be forgotten without ignoring the damages done .

Facebook is yet to react to the allegations.

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