Jubilee Party to defectors; They are wash-wash artists and pimps

Jubilee Party to defectors; They are wash-wash artists and pimps

The Jubilee Party has profiled defectors a number of adjectives, including Wash Wash artists when it announced massive changes from within.

The party in a statement Thursday said that Deputy President William Ruto and his allies, who have already defected to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) are taking credits for the projects Jubilee has undertaken since 2017.

“What is not in question is the fact that all Kenyans including the noisy brigade going around the country, acknowledge the fact that Jubilee has delivered to Kenyans.

“In fact even our key detractors want to take credit for the work that was done while they were making noise. As a result of this unprecedented development record, Jubilee has positioned itself as the fulcrum of the next administration,” said Jubilee Party in a statement.

In an ending scathing attacks, the party’s parliamentary caucus termed Tanga Tanga defectors as shady characters who have for a long time been a blot to the party.

“Fortunately as Kenyans have witnessed they have now regrouped in a tiny corner where thieves, rapists, conmen, wash-wash artists, pimps, murderers, cattle rustlers, pirates, and other social misfits have organized into one political outfit. This makes it easy for Kenya to ensure they do not get anywhere near leadership of this country, by voting against said political outfit during the next election.

The ruling party also announced plans to revamp ahead of the 2022 General Election.

The party, revealed, will hold the National Delegates Convention (NDC) later in this month to restructure its leadership and membership.

“We would like to inform our members and the country at large, that the party plans to hold NDC within this month of November 2021 to deliberate on the process of restructuring our party and party leadership to reflect the aspiration of the members.”

Speaking on Wednesday in Murang’a and Kiambu counties where he launched various development projects and engaged the public, DP Ruto lashed out at Jubilee with regards to a move to expel defiant party members.

“Those lecturing us about Jubilee are wasting their time. They are the ones who killed it. What are you trying to salvage now?” Ruto asked.

Ruto said the party had already been ruined by the past events, maintaining that no amount of effort can revive the outfit.

The Deputy President demonstrated confidence that his political vehicle UDA will form the next government in 2022.

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