10 out of 300 health workers who did English test for UK jobs passed

10 out of 300 health workers who did English test for UK jobs passed

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe says only 10 out of 300 health workers who did an English test for UK jobs passed.

Kenyan nurses applied for jobs in the UK and interviews are currently ongoing.

While in the UK in July this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta  witnessed the signing of the Kenya-UK Health Alliance at the Royal College of Physics.

The deal was meant to give jobless Kenyan an opportunity to work in the UK.

They are expected to serve in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) before returning to work in Kenya.

They will also be expected to help meet the high demand for trained medical staff in the UK.

The deal is also expected to boost in research and collaboration between the UK and Kenyan universities and teaching hospitals.

As of now, there are about 300,000 jobless nurses in the country.

However, the recent development does not mean that they are unqualified for the job, but English test.

In the Kenyan job market, for one to qualify to train as a Doctor, nurse or a medical officer, only Biology, Chemistry and Physics fall under prerequisite before one can obtain an admission letter at Universities.

For a degree course, one is required to have at least a C+ from secondary school

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