KEPSA calls for urgent clean-up of the rot at KPLC

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The Kenya Private Sector Alliance, (KEPSA), is calling for urgent clean-up of the rot at the troubled Kenya Power.

In a statement, KEPSA says a radical surgery of the monopoly power distributor is necessary to restore order, efficiency and accountability at the cash strapped state corporation.

KEPSA is, however, cognisant of the challenges that stand on the path towards saving the company, especially strong opposition from those who stand to lose from the exercise.

The alliance says it has observed a keen sense of urgency in the board about dealing with the challenges, vowing to give it time to deliver on its turnaround strategy.

“The grim reality we must confront and accept is that Kenya Power is in deep  financial trouble, trouble that has been building up over several years, and  trouble which is caused by a variety of factors which can be summarised as  mismanagement and poor governance,” read part of the letter.

KPLC recovery plan has four fundamental components that include institution of a debt-restructuring programme, a substantial reduction of energy system, significantly enhanced customer experience and employee performance.

“Restoring Kenya Power’s fortunes falls squarely within these wider  national goals for our public sector utilities. Which is why it behoves all of us to  support any Board that sets out to make the necessary reforms.“

This comes amid the ongoing investigations by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over mismanagement of the company.

KEPSA recognized the crucial role that adequate and affordable power supply  plays in the Kenyan economy, enabling the production of goods and services in  all sectors.

“Without power we do not have an economy.”

The Private Sector governing body claimed that Kenyans and its economy cannot afford to carry indefinitely Kenya Power’s inefficiencies and mismanagement.

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