Litre of petrol shoots to Ksh.134.72 in EPRA review

Petrol price goes down by 3.7% to retail at 129.72

Super petrol price has gone up by Ksh.7.58 to retail at Ksh.134.72 in the latest price review by Energy Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

However, Kenyans who use Kerosene were hit hard after a litre of the commodity went up by Ksh.12.97 and will retail at Ksh.110.82.

Diesel will retail at Ksh.115.60 after a litre was revised up by Ksh.7.94.

These prices are effective midnight.

According to EPRRA, the average landed cost of imported petrol decreased by 0.72 percent from Ksh.60,755.20 per cubic metre in July 2021 to Ksh.60,338.65 per cubic metre in August.

Diesel decreased by 4.81 percent from Ksh.56,564.79 per cubic metre to Ksh.53,842.37 while Kerosene increased by 0.96% from Ksh.54,275.62 per cubic metre to Ksh.54,797.35 per cubic metre.

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