FKE calls for mandatory vaccination amongst workers

FKE calls for mandatory vaccination amongst workers

Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) has called on the government to put in place incentive measures to encourage employees to get inoculated against coronavirus.

Speaking during the Webinar Meeting with the employers on Tuesday, the Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Mercy Mwangangi directed the employers to write a letter to the Ministry of Health requesting for the deployment of vaccination exercise at their respective workplaces.

“The employer only needs to write a formal letter for the Ministry of Health to deploy their team at your workplace for vaccinations,” said CAS Mwangangi.

In recognizing the role of employers in fighting the pandemic, FKE Executive Director Jaqueline Mugo noted that imposing mandatory vaccination at workplaces is the employers’ duty in ensuring workers work at a safe and healthy working environment.

The Employers said they have created a campaign drive in pushing vaccination uptake amongst workers.

“FKE has done a lot of awareness to help people understand…it is employers duty to ensure workers are in a secure and safe healthy working conditions,” said Mugo.

Mugo also urged the political class in the country to observe the Ministry of Health protocols due to recent political developments in the country.

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The government has shifted focus on fighting misinformation about COVID-19 through conducting Social Media surveillance some people are skeptical about the vaccines.

The Ministry of Health has partnered with the Private Sectors including Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and the private hospitals for vaccination drive accros the country.

Dr. Mwangangi noted that there is a growing vaccination demand among Kenyans, which will see the government putting up 3,000 more health facilities by the end of the year.

“We are increasing number of health care facilities targeted by the end of December of about  3,000 since we currently have 10,000 facilities as our vaccination centres,” added Mwangangi.

The Ministry of Health is expecting to have a total of 9 million doses of COVID vaccines by the end of September.

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