Mizizi Africa Homes Crowned most preferred low-cost residential developer

Mizizi Africa Homes Crowned most preferred low-cost residential developer

Mizizi Africa Homes has been crowned as the most preferred low-cost residential developer in the top score brands during the 4th Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards 2021.

The developer has been recognized as the most affordable mid-plan housing company in Kenya for the provision of diverse housing options that fit seamlessly into residential neighbourhoods and supports walkability, locally-serving retail spaces and public transportation.

“We are very pleased to receive this recognition of our sustained efforts in offering homes and investment solutions that are pocket-friendly, high quality and reflective of the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele,” Mizizi Africa Homes CEO, George Mburu said.

Mizizi Africa Homes Chief Executive Officer, George Mburu attributed their win to the sustained recognition by the sector shareholders as a true mirroring of its expedition of helping to onboard first time buyers into home-ownership at pocket-friendly costs and assisting diaspora investors navigate illegitimate developers.

“We have maintained our mission of walking clients through the home-ownership journey by being open to their ideas and cultivating transparency on project progress. These aspects are greatly linked to this nationwide recognition and are playing a a big role in building customer trust, believing in us to help make their dream a reality,” said Mburu.

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The latest award becomes the fourth in Mizizi Africa Homes’ stable and second major award after last years’ 2020 Real Estate Excellence Award for the best low-cost housing developer in Kenya.

The Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards celebrates key players in various areas of the real estate sector, who have over the years achieved excellence results and positively impacted the lives of their clients.

The developer has been adding multi-functional spaces to key features that included Master Bedroom, sunken lounge, dining area and windows and providing extra rooms that can be converted to a home office while the rooftop can be turned into a retreat or an entertainment spot.

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