Muranga County dairy farmers to receive 14.2% top up on usual earning

Muranga County dairy farmers to receive 14.2% top up on usual earning

Dairy farmers in Murang’a County allied to the county’s cooperative creameries will start receiving a 14.2 percent top up on their dairy milk from the end of September 2021.

This follows Muranga County Governor Mwangi wa Iria’s intervention, meaning the farmers will now receive Ksh.40 from their harvest down from Ksh.35.

According to Governor wa Iria, the funds from cooperative creameries will be paid directly to farmers no later than 5th of every month.

Speaking after meeting with leaders of the cooperative societies, the Governor warned all local cooperatives against deducting money meant for the farmers.

“From end of this month, the price of milk will be no less than Ksh.40 per litre. The money will be paid directly to farmers and if any cooperative will pay less, the management will be replaced,” said Wa Iria.

The move aims at wooing dairy farmers who had moved to private companies, which source milk from Murang’a at higher prices than those of county creameries thus attracting a section of them.

In addition, Murang’a County has committed to take away any administration fees from the farmers in order to reduce the cost of production.

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The Governor has further committed to procuring 15 milk coolers and backup generators to be distributed to areas which don’t have the facilities.

The existing county creameries are 35 cooperative societies which were formed in 2015 after the government procured 50 milk coolers with the aim of boosting earnings for dairy farmers.

Artificial Insemination (AI) in the County will be moved from the department of agriculture to that of cooperatives.

The farmers will also access AI services, at Ksh.300 from the previous Ksh.500. this will be to ensure all farmers get access to the services with Governor Wa Iria warning a section of political leaders eying various seats to stop politicizing the dairy sector.

“The dairy sector supports many residents of Murang’a and if you are eying a particular seat stop cheating farmers that they are being exploited by the county cooperative creameries.”

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