78% of Kenyan businesses experiencing increased Cyber threats

Hackers demand Ksh.7.5 billion to end biggest ransomware attack on record

At least 78 percent of Kenyan businesses have experienced an increase in Cyber Security threats.

This is according to the latest 2021 research undertaken by leading pan-African technology group Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

The study also revealed that 95 percent of Kenyan Businesses use cloud-based services while 66 percent of her staff working from home.

71 percent of the participants from the research said the biggest Cyber Security threats to business was Data Breach which included data extortion, data leakage and data disclosure.

“Living in a digital era brings with it heightened threats for both businesses and individuals, and cyber security should now be at the centre of every business conversation,” the report said.

When segmented by respondents working specifically in large enterprises, the research permitted a more informed audience and knowledgeable opinions.

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According to the study, an emerging trend for 2021 is that 53 percent of the respondents emphasized security and data protection as significant concerns.

Having a Cyber Security Framework that includes establishing an information security management system (ISMS) and Cyber security resilience control framework, is critical to obtain an improved posture.

The most common cyber security threats listed by participants are Malware, including ransomware, web-application attacks on Email, phishing, and impersonation.

Others mentioned include Identity theft Data Breaches and Denial of Service

The survey recommended that Cyber Security should be a top priority for individuals as well with its laws and regulations improved in combating cybercrime and sustain socio-economic growth.

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