U.S. troops shoot down rockets aimed at Kabul airport

U.S. troops shoot down rockets aimed at Kabul airport

The U.S. military shot down rockets aimed at the Kabul airport on Monday morning as violence near the field threatened efforts by the U.S to meet Tuesday’s deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan and end America’s longest war.

A U.S. official said the rockets were brought down by a counter-rocket system after five were fired at the airport, and that there were no initial reports of casualties.

The move by the U.S military underlined the precariousness of the security situation in the afghan capital and the dangers of an imminent security vacuum.

It followed another U.S. strike on Sunday, when a U.S military drone strike blew up a vehicle laden with explosives in Kabul.

Afghans said the drone strike killed as many as nine civilians, including children, and the U.S. military said it was investigating.

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