Govt allocates Ksh.55 billion for national roads maintenance

Govt allocates Ksh.55 billion for national roads maintenance

The Kenyan government has set aside Ksh.55 billion for maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network for the fiscal year 2021/22.

The monies will be distributed via the Kenya Roads Board (KRB) to the various Road Agencies Kenya which include; National Highway Authority (KENHA) Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) according to the KRB Act No.7 of 1999.

In the current budget estimates, KeNHA will receive Ksh.26,592,551,020, and KeRRA (Road Class C) Ksh.14, 590,870,343. KURA (Urban Roads Classes UA, UB & UC) and KWS (Roads within National Parks and Game Reserves) has been allocated Ksh.6,651,970,473 and Ksh.651,338,776 respectively.

Further, Ksh.6, 513,387,755 has been set aside for Roads Sector Investment Programme Gaps.

Section 19 (4) of the KRB Act requires the Board to review individually the annual road programmes submitted by the road agencies and consolidate the Annual Roads Works Programmes (ARWPs) into Annual Public Roads Programme (APRP).

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The APRP has been prepared based on printed estimates for collections of the Kenya Roads Board Fund (KRB-F) amounting to Ksh.69,119,918,367 including Road Annuity Fund.

“This Annual Public Roads Programme (APRP) for Financial Year 2021/2022 has been prepared in line with the Board’s vision of “an efficient Road network for a prosperous nation”. The APRP has been prepared in close consultation with Road Agencies to ensure the Government’s strategic objectives of attainment of the Big Four Agenda and realization of Vision 2030 are incorporated in the programme.” said Rashid Mohammed, MBS, KRB Director General.

The national road network to be covered in the APRP is 48,418km which is about 30% of the entire road network in the country.

The total planned length comprises various works categories which include routine maintenance on 25,361 km, periodic maintenance on 916 km, performance-based maintenance contracts on 9,422 km, spot improvement on 7,695 km and upgrading on 24 km of roads across the country.

Additionally, approximately 5,000km will have their intervention decided and planned for in the course of the financial year.

Each Road Agency got additional monies compared to the previous Financial Year 2020/2021 where KENHA was allocated Ksh.25 Billion, KeRRA Ksh.13 Billion, KURA Ksh. 6, 447,467,130 and KWS Ksh.631,314,490.

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