Arrowroots farming; Facts, benefits and farming technology

Arrowroots farming; Facts, benefits and farming technology

Arrowroots are traditionally grown along the river valleys and on wet areas. With the upland arrowroots technology, they can now be grown away from river valleys.

This technology involves planting the crop in trenches lined with polythene paper and filled with soil manure mixture at a ratio of 2:1. Planting trenches are spaced at 0.5m.  Crop and water management is done when avoiding stepping on the trench while weeding to prevent compaction.

Tubers grown using upland technology require ample moisture throughout the growing season and therefore, irrigation is required once per week. Soil pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is favorable.

This innovative farming method can contribute greatly to food and income security, while helping in climate adaptation.

Facts about arrowroots;

On today’s Agri-facts we shall be looking at some special facts you may or may not know about Arrow roots.

Better Digestion

Arrowroot may contain high amounts of dietary fiber and can also help with diarrhea. Dietary fiber is one of the most important parts of our digestive process, as it may help move food through the bowels in an efficient manner, while also stimulating the uptake of nutrients. It can also help clear out excess cholesterol, further promoting cardiovascular health.

Improve Heart Health

The significant levels of potassium found in arrowroot mean that it can be a definite line of defense against heart-related issues. Potassium helps relax the tension in the blood vessels and arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure and reducing your risk of  heart attacks, and strokes.

Lower Birth Defects

Arrow root is rich in  folate, which is in Vitamin B. Studies have shown that folate is important for expecting mothers, as it might help prevent neural tube defects in their unborn child. Folate is also an important factor in DNA synthesis and healthy cell division, thereby promoting rapid healing and healthy growth.

Treat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection of the feet caused by fungus. You can use arrowroot powder to treat this infection by applying it to the affected area. The powder has the ability to absorb moisture and sweat, which makes it difficult for the fungus to grow and spread.

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