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Over Ksh.30 billion lost as PSVs resume carrying full capacity

Matatu operators threaten to hike fares

The government has allowed Public Service Vehicles (PSV) to carry passengers at full capacity starting Monday.

On August 6, transport Chief Administrative Secretary Chris Obure, said the industry had agreed to self-regulate in COVID-19 compliance.

According to Obure, together with the matatu industry players, they will implement strict measures that are already in place.

“We will allow full capacity from Monday next week and any Sacco which will be found violating the protocol will have its license revoked,” said Obure.

Chairman of the Association of Bus Operators Edwin Mukabanah said they have lost Ksh.30 billion since the measures were introduced.

“We ask matatu operators to now reduce fare, but we must also consider the high price of fuel,” he said.

Local air transport and SGR were not affected by reduction of passengers order.

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Local air travel resumed on July 15 last year and international flights on August 1, 2020.

Rail transport resumed July 20 while public service vehicles on July 21, 2020.

On March 20 last year, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe directed matatu in the country to reduce the number of passengers they carry to curb the spread of coronavirus.

At that time, the pandemic was at its initial stage of outbreak and killed slightly over 10,000 people with over 250,000 cases confirmed globally.

A fourteen seater matatu has been carrying only 8 passengers per trip.

25-seater vehicles has been ferrying only 15 passengers while 30+ seater PSVs, the SGR and Commuter trains were ordered to maintain a 60 percent capacity with each trip.

“14 seater matatus will carry a maximum of 8 passengers, 25 seater vehicles to carry a maximum of 15 passengers, 30 seater vehicles and above to maintain a 60% maximum of seating capacity.” Said CS Kagwe.

During then, Kenya had registered only seven coronavirus cases and no death related to the virus had been recorded.

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