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70% of U.S adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Uncertain future for Africa as COVID-19 vaccines shortage bites

As coronavirus numbers resurface, the United States is on record as the leading country in terms of vaccination drive against coronavirus around the world.

At least 70 percent of US adults have been vaccinated against COVID-19, reaching President Biden’s administration target he had hoped for by July 4.

According to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 49.7 percent of the total US population across all ages have received the vaccine.

The spike in vaccinations has been the highest since July 4, and the country is determined to see that an average of 673,185 doses are being administered each day.

Only 32 percent of the eligible US population above 12 years old have not been vaccinated.

In Europe, however the European Centre for Disease Prevention Control has so far confirmed 262,164,246 doses administered to citizens.

Vaccine roll out in Africa

As of August 1, Seychelles was the only African country with the highest coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination uptake.

Since the population of Seychelles is extremely small, the country has managed to vaccinate a large part of the population in a limited period.

Nearly 100 doses are being administered per 144 individuals.

Morocco, had a vaccination rate of approximately 64 doses per 100 people posting the highest number of inoculations.

In South Africa, the most affected country in Africa, the vaccination rate reached only 12.3 per 100 population.

In a major breakthrough for one of the world’s last countries to embrace COVID-19 vaccines, Tanzania’s President kicked off its vaccination drive on July 28, by publicly receiving a dose and urging others to do the same.

As of August 2, a total of 1,726,937 vaccines had already been administered in Kenya out of which, total first doses are 1,064,500 while second doses are 662,437.

The uptake of the second dose among those who received their first dose currently stands at 62.2 percent with the majority being males at 55 percent while females are at 45 percent

The vaccination rate for Kenyan adults who are fully vaccinated currently stands at 2.4 percent.

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