Raila online challenge lifts lid on Kenyans resourcefulness

Raila online challenge lifts lid on Kenyans resourcefulness

The RailaMadeInKenyaChallenge#, an initiative by Kenya’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga lifted the lid on how creative and innovative Kenyans can be in business.

Young and old entrepreneurs will stop at nothing to exploit an opportunity to remain relevant as they engage their entrepreneurial skills to come up with items for the market.

Raila, in a widely circulated document, wondered when people last heard of or saw products that were made in Kenya and went on to share his thoughts on how the country could build and promote its local industries.

 “I have some ideas on how we can have many MADE IN KENYA products in our supermarket shelves and shops,” the former Premier announced.

His sentiments prompted people to make a vast array of products to advertise them in public leaving many awed and surprised at all the level of creativity exhibited.

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Two Kenyans, Sam Nduati and Anthony Kageni have been making a living from products that they have created. Nduati stitches and brands garments and apparel, also making gift bags and boxes as ordered by his clients.

 “I make overalls. T-shirts and give-away gift packages for both individuals and organizations,” he said. Nduati boasts of the impressive clientele that he works with giving him a steady source of income to feed his family. The talented artist makes all his products by hand with the help of the employees that he has hired.

Anthony Kageni also does branding but specializes in printing services. He designs 3D printed images using software on his computer then gets them printed in the required format before delivering them to his clients.

 “I design diaries, posters, banners, and so many other things,” he said. Kageni, like Nduati, has managed to build an impressive clientele. This includes car yards along Kiambu Road and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

At the moment, he does not have his own printing machines but he intends to buy them soon to expand his business. “I am buying a large format machine and a CNC router machine in August,” he says.

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