Central Kenya regional economic bloc eases trade barriers

Laikipia targets Ksh.1 billion in revenues this financial year

Governors from the Central Kenya Region Economic Blok have agreed to eliminate trade tariffs for a range of products.

The governors of Laikipia, Nyeri, Nakuru and Kiambu counties have waived fees on agricultural produce, mining and manufactured goods produced and sold in any of the three counties on a reciprocal basis.

According to the governors, the easing of trade barriers will spur economic growth in the region.

The specific tariffs include distribution fees for manufactured goods, transit and market fees for mining and agricultural goods.

For actualization, Laikipia County will host a two-day workshop on Thursday and Friday this week.

The forum will offer a chance to learn from the experts the best practices in application of reciprocal taxation concessions.

It will also generate a schedule of tariff and non-tariff costs imposed on manufacture goods, agriculture produce and mining that will be waived.

Further, the summit will develop the criteria for qualifying and certifying the businesses to benefit from the tariff waivers.

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