Schools fully reopen amid surging COVID-19 numbers

Schools fully reopen amid surging COVID-19 numbers

Primary and secondary schools across the country have reopened for a new academic year.

It is the first time that schools are fully reopening since the outbreak of covid-19 early last year that disrupted the academic calendar , after schools were closed for almost nine months to stop the spread of the virus.

Over fifteen million learners are going back to class amid surging covid-19 infections, and with a looming fourth wave.

The ministry of education has previously admitted that it is impractical to achieve social distancing in schools owing to the high population of learners against limited infrastructure.

However, hand washing and use of masks will be strictly followed, to keep the virus at bay.

Form one students will report to school next week Monday.

The back to school rush also comes at a time when most Kenyans are confronting harsh economic times, occasioned by covid-19 ravages and the tax burden.

In what came as a relief for many parents, the ministry of education has slashed school fees for secondary schools, since the government shortened school calendar terms.

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