President Kenyatta vows Kenya won’t surrender single inch of her territory

Kenya wont surrender part of its territory; says Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated Kenya’s firm ground never to surrender any part of her territory to anyone.

He said Kenya will continue to guard its borders and cautioned unnamed external forces against disrespecting the country’s territorial integrity.

“We will not accept any one claiming ownership of any part of our land. Just as we have respected boundaries of other countries, we expect that our borders and land are equally respected,” said the President.

The President spoke in reference to the ongoing maritime border row between Kenya and Somalia, a matter that has seen both nations end up at the International Criminal Justice (ICJ) to resolve the dispute.

Kenya, however, withdrew from the maritime case citing procedural unfairness at the ICJ.

She withdrew from the set date of hearing which was March 15, 2021 after having requested for the fourth time an extension of the hearing.

The argument was for Kenya to be given enough time to brief a new legal team, while also citing the coronavirus pandemic.

The point of disagreement between Kenya and Somalia has the nature of the line of the maritime boundary.

While the North of Africa country asserts a centre line from the Kenya/Somalia land boundary terminus, Kenya has maintained her stand on a straight line.

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The disputed area is believed to be rich in oil and gas, with both countries accusing each other of auctioning off blocks even as the case is in court.

The Head of State maintained Kenya is a peace-loving nation and will continue to jealously guard its borders and cautioned unnamed external forces against disrespecting the country’s territorial integrity.

“As a country we love peace, we are a country that loves to live in peace with its neighbours. Hence why we have been part of various peace support initiatives in other countries.”

President Kenyatta spoke on Wednesday when he visited the multi-agency team of Kenyan security officers undertaking a joint operational training in Boni Forest, Lamu County.

The Field Training Exercise (FTX), is part of a broad Whole-of-Government approach to the delivery of security services by leveraging on interoperability of Kenya’s security assets.

The FTX, which is coordinated by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), brings together troops from the different security formations in the country among them Kenya Police Service (NPS), National Youth Service (NYS), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and Kenya Coast Guard (KCG) with a view of attaining high levels operational efficiency.

He was accompanied by Defence Cabinet Secretary Dr Monica Juma who witnessed drills by officers who’ve been training for three weeks and taken on a guided tour by Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Robert Kibochi.

In his address to the officers, President Kenyatta said he was pleased by the training and noted that the multi-agency approach would help enhance the effectiveness of the country’s security apparatus.

“I would also like to thank you all for participating in this training and also for the social responsibility that you have participated in. Restoring hospitals, drilling bore holes, renovating schools and offering medical interventions. These gestures go a long way in changing the mindset and perception of the security agencies among wananchi,” he said.

The President assured the officers of the Government’s support by taking care of their welfare, and urged the multi-agency team led by KDF to keep improving the training so as to make it more effective.

“I would like to urge the authorities involved to increase and keep modifying competencies to ensure we are mission ready,” the Head of State said.

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