World’s first 24-hour Global Movie Marathon held online through Kenyan Platform

World’s First 24-hour Global Movie Marathon held online through Kenyan Platform

The world’s First 24-hour Global Movie Marathon was held online via a virtual meeting platform Zoom through a Nairobi-based platform, MyMovies.Africa.

“The 600 – The Soldiers’ Story” was Screened live to Rwandans, at Home and Abroad, across 24 Time Zones, in what seems to be the World’s First 24-hour Global Movie Marathon held Online.

From 08:00 East Africa Time (EAT) on Sunday, the Team at MyMovies.Africa screened the Award-winning Docu-Film every two hours until 08:00 EAT on Monday. Canada was the last to receive the Broadcast.

“We wanted Rwandans across the Globe to be able to watch this very important piece of Rwandan history as a Community, to mark Kwibohora”, said Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, Co-Founder and Content Director at MyMovies.Africa.

“The 600: The Soldiers’ Story is an important and inspirational Film, that not only honours self-sacrifice and courage but also honours the memory of those who died during the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994”, said its Hollywood Writer and Producer, Richard Hall.

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He also said that “It makes a connection between the RPA soldiers, and the civilians they were trying to protect, in one of the most desperate military missions of all time, in stopping this Genocide.  The 600 soldiers, surrounded and outnumbered by Government soldiers and Militias, rescued hundreds of civilians and began the counter-attack that restored order in Rwanda by 100 days.”

The 114-minute Action Docu-Film was officially released in Rwanda on July 4, 2019, the 25th official anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation Day, when the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) stopped the Genocide and liberated the country.

And two years later, MyMovies.Africa has begun a new Tradition of a 24-hour Global Screening, for Rwandese living in the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America (except the U.S.A) and South America.

“Our Software Developers literally worked day & night to Integrate our proprietary Video On Demand service with Zoom, to create a Series of twelve Watch Parties across the World”, said Brian Waweru, Development Lead.

Internationally acclaimed ‘The 600’ has won Best Documentary at the Winter Film Awards in New York City, Best Director for a Feature Documentary at the Golden State Film Festival and Best Feature at the Austria International Film Festival 2020. 

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