Petrol prices rise by Ksh.0.77, diesel, kerosene costs remain unchanged

Petrol price goes down by 3.7% to retail at 129.72

Petrol costs have risen by Ksh.0.77 cents a litre in the latest pump price review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Monday.

The price of diesel and kerosene have remained unchanged for a third consecutive month since April 14.

Last month, EPRA increased the price of super petrol by Ksh.3.56 per liter while maintaining the price of diesel and kerosene.

With the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani proposing to exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) equipment for generation of solar and wind energy, eyes will be on the prices of kerosine especially for households considering to shift from using gas to kerosine for their daily use.

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Currently the price of super petrol retails at Ksh.126.37 per litre, diesel at Ksh.107.66 while kerosene goes for Ksh.97.85 cents per litre in Nairobi despite a 0.57 percent decrease in the average landing cost. 

The one sided adjustment to petroleum costs by EPRA is largely attributable to the operation of a price stabilization scheme by the Ministry of Petroleum to cushion Kenyans from greater fuel costs.

With the high cost of living coupled with the negative effects of COVID-19, many Kenyans are hopping for pocket friendly pump prices from the regulator.

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