Isiolo residents face severe famine

Isiolo residents face severe famine

About 45 percent of the population in Isiolo County is faced by a severe famine following devastating drought, seasonal floods and locusts experienced in  the last 16 months.

Area National Drought Management Authority(NDMA) Coordinator,  Lordman Lekalkuli, said that pastoral communities in Oldonyiro, Charri, Cherab, Sericho, Modogashe and Malkagala areas were the most affected.

Mr Lekalkuli said that the drought effects in Modogashe caused the prices of water for domestic use to rise sharply where a 20 litre jerry-can cost Ksh.50 while livestock with weak bodies were trekking for 15 to 20 kilometres to water point.

Speaking during a County Steering Group (CSG) Chaired by Isiolo Deputy Governor, Dr Abdi Issa, Mr Lekalkuli said despite government and development actors sinking eight boreholes, conflicts among herders have been frequent in Kinna, Cherab and Sericho Wards over water and pasture.

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The NDMA Coordinator said migration by herders from Marsabit, Wajir, Garissa and Samburu have caused heightened conflicts over sharing of water and fodder for their animals.

The Deputy Governor asked the CSG technical team to consider slums like Bulapesa, Olla- odha and Mwangaza in Isiolo Central, saying the area residents were normally neglected whenever relief food was being distributed.

With the situation worsening, Dr. Issa urged the development actors to bring their projects’ aid through CSG to avoid duplication of activities.

Dr Issa said that the County Government has allocated funds to mitigate drought situation and challenged development partners to monitor the drought situation and inform the authority so as to cause swift intervention.

He added that the failure of the March, April and May short rain season complicated the drought situation which would definitely call for water trucking and relief food supplies to more people soon.

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