Kenya exports about Ksh.2.74 billion worth of goods to South Korea

KPA begins goods shipment between Mombasa and Lamu ports

The Fresh Produce Consortium is proposing linking of exporters to markets in a bid to balance the trade deficit between Kenya and Korea.

In a virtual forum held on Tuesday, the consortium chief executive Kisegere Ojepat engaged with the Kenyan Ambassador to South Korea Mwende Mwinzi and discussed various ways in which fresh produce traders can tap into the Korean market.

Currently Kenya exports about Ksh.2.74 billion worth of goods to South Korea, with bananas and broccoli being the main crop.

This is after Seoul’s Animal and Quarantine Agency of Korea gave Kenya’s produce a clean bill of health.

The fresh produce consortium is pushing for a bigger share for the Korean market for products such as avocados, flowers, mangoes and fruits.

Concerns like pest control were raised during the discussion, with claims of Korea not tapping into the Kenyan market.

The ambassador reiterated that Kenya needs to brand itself better in terms of business opportunities outside the country.

In order to build a capacity for farmers on the ground to know the opportunities available, the government is to use the available agencies to share ideas for better trade.

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