Monday, Oct 18, 2021
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Mexico introduces nose-only mask

Mexico introduces nose-only mask

Researchers in Mexico have now created a nose-only mask.

They are offering a way for people to feel extra safe amid the pandemic.

They say the mask lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection while you’re eating.

It can be worn underneath a regular mask, leaving one at least partly protected when you need to lower your larger mask to eat and talk.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people wear masks covering their nose, mouth and chin to best protect from the virus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies have shown that more mask material is generally better than less. Last month, a CDC study showed that double-masking can significantly decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

So far, Mexico has recorded more than two million coronavirus cases, with over 200,000 deaths. More than 1.75 Mexicans have recovered from the disease.

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